Borey NADI by GC City 動土儀式圓滿成功

GCC致力因應柬埔寨當地居民需求興建不同項目提高居民的整體生活質素。本月初Borey NADI by GC City 動土儀式圓滿成功



GCC is committed to building different projects in response to the needs of local residents in Cambodia to improve the overall quality of life. The groundbreaking ceremony of Borey NADI by GC City at the beginning of this month was a complete success

GCC is about to launch an all-in-one grand villa project integrating residential, commercial and recreational parks
In addition to high-end clubs, celebration venues and children’s playgrounds, the villas will also be perfectly integrated with nature. The environment will be rippling with blue waves and surrounded by clear water. It will provide residents with the highest quality and comfortable living environment.


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